The Perfect Fit Button Tackles Embarrassment

“How many times have you bent over or stretched and seen your pants or skirt button pop off and fall to the floor?” one woman asks in her review about The Perfect Fit Button for MMA House of Pain.  “The only time these embarrassing things seem to happen to me,” she goes to say “is when I’m out socially, or I’m trying make a good impression at a business appointment.”

Enter the Perfect Fit Button.  “Until I heard about the Perfect Fit Button on as As Seen On TV commercial, I was at a loss as to how to handle the situation.”  Now she regularly carries the Perfect Fit Buttons in her purse and has helped several of her friends “avoid the embarrassment of a popped button.…”

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The Perfect Fit Button on the Wendy Williams Show

In a segment reviewing some As Seen On TV products Wendy Williams reviews the Perfect Fit Button.  She watches as AJ Khubani (CEO of Telebrands) demonstrates one of the buttons on his jeans.  She notes how the back stays on firmly and how the Perfect Fit Button can be used to make the jeans larger or smaller.

“It fits like an earring and its’ terrific” says Williams.

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Perfect Fit Button is Perfect for Everyone

In her review Perfect Fit Button Offers No Hassle Waistband Adjustment Kim Patterson says that “everyone knows the discomfort of sitting around the table after a big holiday feast and feeling like your pants are going to burst.”

Her response to this discomfort is the Perfect Fit Button and her article outlines how the button is used with simplicity.

“I think this could be a handy gadget for pregnant women” she goes on to say “and for children too so that sizes can be adjusted whenever necessary, without having to buy additional clothes.”

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WVEC Tests The Perfect Fit Button

Sandra Parker from WVEC News interviewed a woman named Marietta Cryer about the Perfect Fit Button. Marietta admitted that she had gained a little weight over the holiday season but the Perfect Fit Button was the perfect solution. With it, there is no need to purchase a whole new wardrobe.

WVEC concluded with; “Our tester was very impressed. She liked that the Perfect Fit Button comes in four different colors. So it will go with just about any pair of pants she owns. She said she’s always losing weight and gaining it back so this will help her fit into her clothes no matter what her size.”

Take a look at the article and video to understand how well the Perfect Fit Button works.

Watch the WVEC video and article here.

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The Perfect Fit Button on WRGZ

The WRGZ news channel put the Perfect Fit Button to the test. They interviewed a customer to understand how well it worked.

“Tester, Barb was a good sport. She showed us how easily the button goes on to your pants and clips on tightly. The product comes with a bunch of buttons to pick from to match your fashion style. The product really works well — It comes off as fast as it goes on. You simply put it next to your button and you can make your pants a little tighter or loser. Our tester gave this product two thumbs up.”

They also posted a video of the interview on their website.

Read and watch here.

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Perfect Fit Button Keeps Pants Off The Ground

Many people have seen the one American Idol contestant that performed a song about having pants on the ground. But for those of you who didn’t, an older gentleman decided to compete for American Idol. When it was his turn to perform in front of the judges, he chose to sing a song that he wrote himself about looking like a fool with wearing pants that don’t fit.

Needless to say, it was a very funny performance. But as funny as his song was, it was also true. Perfect Fit Button will help you avoid “looking like a fool.” A blog explains the Perfect Fit Button and also includes a video of the American performance.

You can read the review and see the video here.

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Jenny Reviews The Perfect Fit Button

The Perfect Fit Button has been reviewed on Many of us face weight changes every day. It can be tough getting those pants to fit across your waist the way they used to.

“Most of us have had the problem of going to put on a pair of our pants and finding out that the extra few pounds we recently put on made it so that the pants won’t button, or that they are way too uncomfortable when they are buttoned. This is why you will want to know about a great product which will really help you to make those pants fit in a way that is much more comfortable. This product is called the Perfect Fit Button and you won’t believe how easy it is to use.”

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A Perfect Fit Button Review reviewed the Perfect Fit Button that is worth checking out. It starts off relating to the fact that we all end up throwing away our favorite clothes at some point for the simple fact that they don’t fit anymore. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The Perfect Fit Button will adjust the waist size of your pants with ease. It also works with shorts, skirts, and suits.

“This little button instantly adds an inch or so to your pants and doesn’t require any sewing. That’s right, no sewing. All that is required are non- arthritic hands and slender non-banana like fingers to apply the rather small and unnoticeable new button and presto, your favorite pants fit once more.”

The Perfect Fit Button makes resizing your pants easy.

You can read the full article here.

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The Perfect Fit Button

Have you noticed your pants are getting a little looser or tighter around your waist? Well the solution is easy; it’s the Perfect Fit Button. You may have seen the advertisement on TV and already know how the Perfect Fit Button works. But if you would like a review or want to understand how it works in-depth, wrote an article on how it is used to make your pants fit more comfortably.

“How many times have you gotten rid of clothing you love simply because you gained or lost a few pounds? Now you can keep your favorite clothes by simply using the Perfect Fit Button. Simply pop the Button on to the waist band of your pants and secure it with the specially designed lock tight cap. It’s that easy.”

The article also lists the unique features of the Perfect Fit Button.

If you wish to read it, click here.

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